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ai Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning 599
android Android 514
api API development/implementation 715
apl Array Programming Languages such as APL, J, and K 35
art Art 363
ask Ask Lobsters 763
assembly Assembly programming 548
audio Link to audio (podcast, interview) 173
book Books 538
browsers Web browsers 919
c C programming 1590
c++ C++ programming 373
clojure Clojure programming 193
cogsci Cognitive Science 316
compilers Compiler design 985
compsci Other computer science/programming 2562
crypto Cryptography 503
cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 558
css Cascading Style Sheets 254
culture Technical communities and culture   (hotness mod -0.25) 2128
d D programming 29
databases Databases (SQL, NoSQL) 1637
debugging Debugging techniques 361
design Visual design 980
devops DevOps 1309
distributed Distributed systems 1282
dotnet C#, F#, .NET programming 442
dragonflybsd DragonFly BSD 34
education Education 258
elixir Elixir programming 287
elm Elm programming 134
emacs Emacs editor 206
erlang Erlang development 419
event Events, conferences, and meetups 409
finance Finance and economics 293
formalmethods Formal methods 439
fortran Fortran programming 11
freebsd FreeBSD 413
games Game design and study 1197
go Golang programming 1297
graphics Graphics programming 785
hardware Hardware 2677
haskell Haskell programming 1350
historical Tech history 1385
illumos illumos 30
ios Apple iOS 470
java Java programming 587
javascript Javascript programming 2843
job Employment/Internship opportunities 111
law Law, patents, and licensing 920
linux Linux 1866
lisp Lisp and Scheme programming 930
lua Lua programming 144
mac Apple macOS 550
math Mathematics 1341
meta Lobsters-related bikeshedding   (hotness mod -0.25) 441
ml MetaLanguage, OCaml programming 317
mobile Mobile app/web development 555
netbsd NetBSD 240
networking Networking 1526
nodejs Node.js programming 181
objectivec Objective-C programming 12
openbsd OpenBSD 914
osdev Operating system design and development when no specific OS tag exists 95
pdf Link to a PDF document 2442
performance Performance and optimization 515
perl Perl 93
person Stories about particular persons 640
philosophy Philosophy 495
php PHP programming 204
plt Programming language theory, types, design 329
practices Development and business practices 3677
privacy Privacy 1261
programming Use when every tag or no specific tag applies 8017
python Python programming 1510
rant Rants and raves   (hotness mod -0.25) 403
release Software releases and announcements 2468
reversing Reverse engineering 622
ruby Ruby programming 1391
rust Rust programming 892
satire Satirical writing   (hotness mod -0.25) 347
scala Scala programming 294
scaling Scaling and architecture 532
science It's "Science" 739
security Netsec, appsec, and infosec 5493
show Show Lobsters / Projects 840
slides Slide deck 341
swift Swift programming 141
systemd Linux systemd 67
testing Software testing 545
transcript Includes transcript of audio or video 21
unix *nix 1206
vcs Git and other version control systems 544
video Link to a video 1980
vim Vim editor 221
virtualization Virtualization 434
visualization Data visualization 573
wasm webassembly 25
web Web development and news 3789
windows Windows 541