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Someone raised this a year ago but didn’t provide examples, so I’d like to reraise it.

Description: “statistics and data science”

Similar Tags

  • AI. Some overlap with machine learning, and there’s a lot of AI that uses data science, but there are many AI articles that aren’t about data science.
  • Math. Covers all mathematics, excludes the implementation aspects of data science.



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    I’m a bit crotchety about this, because the topic just feels to me like, “what if statistics… but more computer?” Also, it’s often conflated with other things like machine learning and big data, which are sometimes synonyms and sometimes only related topics.

    I can understand if the math tag isn’t specific enough (and I disagree it excludes implementation), but maybe lotsofdata would work? That’s kind of tongue-in-cheek and seems to better describe the topic. :P

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      I follow a few data science communities (r/datascience, kdnuggets, others) and think the tag datascience is really broad and includes topics that I’m not interested in.

      I think the tag statistics is useful, but part of data science includes statistics so I don’t think using a tautological description will help users read interesting content and spur conversation or spur use.

      If you really want a broad tag maybe “data use” and leave it at that to include data engineering, stats on data, AI and ML with data, math with data, etc.

      I’d rather have an honestly broad topic than a high falutin broad topic as I think it will better focus discussion.

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        Sounds good. Actually the aspect of data science I am most interested in is dataset construction. That’s not statistics, neither it is big data engineering.

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          To that point, there’s no data engineering tag either, so a lot of stuff I’d classify as either that or data science gets put under an array of other tags.