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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    I’m on staycation so continuing what I was doing during the week: writing letters to political prisoners in my home country. There are 586 on the last count.

    Never been much of an essayist. It takes me most of the day (while mostly doing other things) to pick one from the list, formulate what I want to tell them and actually write/edit the letter. One complication with writing is the letters are censored. It is not advisable to write directly about the prisoner’s case and at the same time an impersonal text would come across shallow. If you have to convey certain strong feelings you have to get creative with indirect references. This is a simple but rather emotionally draining work, very much because you get to know their circumstances but are not really able to help other than with a word of support.

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      Oh wow, that sounds like a challenge. What do you hope to achieve? Giving them hope and support?

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        Yes it’s not possible to achieve much else other than letting them know their sacrifice is felt and appreciated. Also the conditions tend to be rough. Belarusian prisons are not particularly comfy to begin with but political prisoners have to wear yellow patches and face additional hardships. There’s very little information coming in unfiltered and together with grim everyday routine it is almost a form of sensory deprivation. So letters from outside are very welcome.

        The people imprisoned are from all walks of life, for the most part not politicians: workers, students (some as young as 16), teachers. As it happens high profile cases get most of people’s mail but it is equally important for the others. Not that I’d make a dent here, right now the prisoner population growth outpaces my writing.

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          Oh wow. That is tragic.

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      Sleeping in a bed. After the heatwave this week I slept outside on my hammock with a sleeping bag. Dear christ was it uncomfortable and not the amazing experience I thought it would be. I contemplated moving to sleep on the trampoline instead, but that’s lost enough springs to be dangerous now.

      Various bits and pieces around the house/garden to sort, I gave up trying to compile the correct firmware for my Ender 3 with v4.2.7 board and BLTouch and paid for https://marlin.crc.id.au instead. So much easier, but I still need to drop it on the printer and do some testing with it.

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        My child is away at grandparents this weekend so I’m really leaning into my long term project to learn all the physics I skipped in graduate school and perhaps more. Since I’m ~40 and studied biophysics (sort of) in graduate school, my goal of understanding contemporary theoretical physics feels pretty quixotic, at this point, but its better than buying a sportscar, as far as midlife crises go.

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          I am recovering from my second vaccine shot. So happy to have this over with.

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            Congrats. The second dose was the worse of the two for me, so I hope you get through the weekend okay. It’s a relief, but where I am, I’m still waiting for the rest of society to reopen, so it hasn’t meant any real change as of yet.

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            Saturday we went out for lunch at a local as a family for the first time in nearly a year. It’s rural enough here that we can’t get food delivered, so not cooking for a change was a novel experience! After that we hung out at the beach in our camper van, and my son (9) and I donned our wetsuits (mine has shrunk… :’-)) and played with bodyboards for the first time in two years.

            Today we’ve hung out at the allotment, cooking dinner on the camper’s stove from produce we just pulled out of the ground.

            Tomorrow my son and I have signed up for a beginner’s sailing course in the afternoon, and I’ve got archery for the first time in maybe three years in the evening.

            (PS: Gotta love three-day weekends. Been doing that since January this year. A++ would recommend.)

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              My Deck is finally complete, so if the weather stays good I will be outside more than normal. Also shopping for my wife’s birthday and getting the webpage for the next podcast episode up and ready to roll out.

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                Last night, I got fed up with the state of my laptop, made a quick back up and installed a clean Fedora 34. I am reinstalling what I need and setting stuff slowly. I am giving another chance to neovim now that we can configure with Lua. On the same time, I realized that I wanted to not program on my free time that much.

                I am also trying to move my note taking to obsidian now that the mobile apps are here. I will try not to lose myself in the multiple plugins and actually take notes. :-)

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                  I’ve found creating a lua config for neovim to be a bit confusing which I think is primarily because it is a new thing and not that well documented or fleshed out at the moment.

                  I found defaults.nvim to be a good starting point: https://github.com/mjlbach/defaults.nvim

                  Other resources if you need help: https://github.com/rockerBOO/awesome-neovim

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                    Thanks for the resources. I also found a few tutorials here and there. Being partially undocumented for new tends to be an advantage for me now ; it will force me to restrain myself to add plug-ins/settings “in case of a day, i would need it”.

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                  • Helping my girlfriend finish up her 3D print of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. We stuck supports within its hollow center and completed the gluing. Today we plan to prime and sand it.
                  • Set my Habitica account back up and give it an overhaul. I’ve been relying on Google Tasks reminders for my daily todos but I wanted a reminder system that actually resets each night and needed to clear off all those reminders that clogged up my Google Calendar.
                  • Review the Year Compass I filled out a couple months ago.
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                    If you are an Android user, I really enjoy Loop Habits for the Habitica use case. As described here:


                    And open source code here:


                    It solves the problem you describe, but doesn’t attempt the whole hokey “gaming dynamic” that Habitica pursues. Also, your historical habits data is stored as a simple SQLite DB.

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                      Thanks! I’ll take a look.

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                      I’d like to hear more about your Year Compass experience. I looked over the system and I’m really surprised that it requires you to spend time with your last year’s calendar. I know some people keep calendars but I never have and now I’m wondering if I’m really weird in this respect.

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                        That lack of a calendar does surprise me, but then I use Google Calendar instead of anything physical. My daily morning pages, journal entries, and Bullet Journal entries do provide additional context, though.

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                      Desktop finally reached seven years old, so finally giving it a well-deserved upgrade w/ Threadripper.

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                        After seven years in the same apartment, I’m moving. I sprung for the deluxe package from my movers, where they come with boxes and pack up everything — it’s my first time moving like this, and I’m feeling some nonzero amount of anxiety about just letting everything sit in their usual place as moving day quickly approaches. At the very least, I’ll try to clear out the kitchen pantry so my movers don’t have to dig through seven years worth of unused spices, canned groceries, and dust.

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                          Finishing up the porting of Lark from Python to Javascript. I already have it parsing Python (using the example grammar), but I still need to make sure all the different features and options are working as expected. Then I need to figure out how to adapt the interface to JS idioms, and a few other stuff to tidy up.

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                            Having a party. After way too many months of barely meeting anyone, we invited friends over. But Sunday I’ll work a few hours and then hunt for GeoCaches.