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    this should really be held up as a model for how to shut your acquired startup down gracefully. complete migration guide, including tools to migrate the db and an open sourced server, and a blog post that is genuinely respectful of their customers and acknowledges the difficulty this will cause them (no “our incredible journey” crap).

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      Yeah, way better than FoundationDB

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        Trusting companies with your data is fine if:
        1. You can create a complete backup from a command line at least hourly.
        2. You can restore from backup onto another service with no data loss, within either a few hours tlor up to a week depending on how important your data is (eg. customer data vs dinky personal blog)

        Facebook is just the worst when it comes to both of these points.

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          holy shit, yeah!

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          I was impressed that they’re closing it in a full year. I first read it as closing THIS January.

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          Its nice they are offering a migration tool for customers, anyone who built on parse could have been left high and dry.

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            What exactly does this thing do? I have no idea, and it isn’t entirely clear immediately from their site.

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              PaaS backend with associated framework for mobile apps. The intent was that they handle all the server-side stuff an app might need: user accounts, login, session, persistent data, analytics, etc. They provided SDKs for Android/iOS to use on the client side which, combined with them hosting the server-side, were supposed to make that sort of stuff “just work” transparently, vs. you have to both host a server and write API/protocol code. (I’ve never actually used it, so I can’t vouch for whether it worked well, but the idea has some appeal.)

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                It sounds like something I was thinking about a few years ago when I noticed a lot of web apps were going towards single pages with only having to store data on the server. My thoughts were always self-hosted, because I am not too sure about this cloud stuff. I wonder what went wrong.