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    My take on robust process groups and self healing:


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      Seems nice, however being able to use configuration file would probably be quite handy.

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        I think the next version (when i get around to it) will support multiple supervisor trees and a config file.

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          I was thinking about writing something similar that would also utilise some of the systemd-like daemon interfaces (notify socket and file descriptor passing). It tinges my Erlang-y vibes, which is very nice.

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      For me that sounds like Erlang supervision trees and is something that I wanted on the OS level for a long time. I want to be able to have per-project supervisor that will allow me to start dependencies (without Docker) and work with that. Supervision of supervisors is super handy in such situations.

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        This makes me realize I want an Erlang-based OS even harder.

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          It’s so arresting to read things that take this sentence-per-paragraph style.