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    If you’re looking for extremely minimal and snappy, after having tried all the usual distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, etc), I started using Gentoo Linux with wmii as a window manager a few years back on my Lenovo workstation. Even on somewhat dated hardware, most all of my CPU and RAM goes to the applications I run on top of the OS and window manager. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten frustrated with my brand new (2015) MacBook Pro lagging to load a single file in vim when I can seemingly instantaneously open a hundred vims on my Lenovo without having any performance troubles (seriously it takes at least a hundred open terminals to start bogging down the system). That being said, Gentoo Linux can be a major pain in the ass to set up in the beginning, but once you get it set up initially to your liking, it is an incredibly minimal distribution that you’ll come to love.

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      I recently purchased an X260 as a replacement for my primary personal development machine and have been having a really confusing time trying to get the Skylake graphics working on Debian. I’m tracking sid, have the latest firmware and xserver-xorg-video-intel packages installed, but gdm cannot launch X on boot at all. Various logs indicate that the i915 driver is being loaded, and that the kms modeswitching is also enabled but to no avail. I’m also running a 4.6 kernel which, from what I was able to gather online, has improved skylake support. Hitting head against desk somewhat at this stage.

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        I don’t know how different the X260 is, but I bought a T460s a couple weeks ago. Debian was frustrating; I eventually got things working somehow, after building a custom kernel and installing xorg packages and other stuff from backports. But it was scetchy and I had some issues still after that. I decided to try arch linux, and so far everything just works (after installing the right packages).

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        Anyone running Linux on the latest and greatest hardware AND wanting an advanced feature set is likely going to encounter at least some administrative overhead. Your typical Linux distro is a good system but it typically doesn’t have the engineering support for particular platform like macOS or Chrome OS.