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    Love the philosophy/opinions behind this company. I’d love to buy one of their systems sometime. Definitely on the list (alongside MNT Reform).

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      Two Talos IIs and a Blackbird here. My daily driver is a dual-8 (64 thread) T2 with 64GB RAM and an AMD WX7100 running Fedora. The Blackbird is set up as an HTPC.

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        I’m using a T2 with a WX9100 and I seem to be cursed - if I stray from Kernel 5.5 with Debian the graphics card usually won’t start. But I’m typing this in Firefox on Bullseye and it’s a great experience otherwise.

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          In the category of lies, damn lies and benchmarks… how do they compare speed wise to the new Ryzen’s?

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            Open Benchmarking has some results, but not much which compares the Power9 to recent CPUs, due to the age difference. https://openbenchmarking.org/result/2001249-KH-1806251AR18&stis=ZW5jb2Rpbmc%2CaHBj%2CbXVsdGljb3Jl&hgv=i72600k-RicZed&ppt=D