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    Since postage runs in a browser

    Why is everything inside a browser now? Are native GUIs really that hard to work with?

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      But think of all the different frameworks you get to use!

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        Actually, we don’t even use jQuery. From the about box:

        doT.js Version 1.0.3 Ace Editor Version 1.1.01 json_parse.js (modified) Version Unknown d3.js Version 3.5.16

        Postage is built on Envelope technology. You get full featured widgets that connect straight to the database like so:

        <gs-datasheet src=“tablename”></gs-datasheet>

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          Oh, I was just snarling aimlessly, but thanks for the info.

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        Very good question. Thank you for asking.

        Postage is built on Envelope technology. Envelope technology allows us to quickly write desktop-like database applications with rich interfaces including desktop quality widgets very quickly.

        We’ve used Postage internally for many years but then had the idea of open sourcing it to show off how desktop-rich and performant a web app could be.

        There is an issue open on Github that considers using Electron to make a desktop version. If you’re in favor of that then please make your voice heard there. https://github.com/workflowproducts/postage/issues/1

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        It’s worth noting that PGAdmin4 1.0 was released yesterday https://www.pgadmin.org/

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          Workflow Products (makers of Postage) Testing PGAdmin4 now.

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            Downloaded to Windows. Installing now. I really like how the install process assumes you want to start PGAdmin.

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              I’m going to move this to slack.

              Postgresteam.slack.com PGAdmin channel

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                Fun! Our reason for testing today was explicitly to test the speed. We claim in the Postage documentation that Postage is a fast alternative to PGAdmin. I was concerned that we’d need to remove that claim but I’m going to let it stand for now. Remote connections are our normal way of working and we want all the speed we can get. This was the original reason for writing our own Postgres SQL tool.

                Our conclusion: We congratulate EDb and everyone that contributed to PGAdmin4. It’s a great product and looks to very shortly make Postage redundant. You all have our highest praise.