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    I’ve tried visual programming when attempting to create instruments in Reaktor or Max/MSP. While I find it easier to “get started” with the language, I typically become annoyed at the amount of clicking and positioning I have to do, and how visual programming is very different from the text-based programming I’m used to. Perhaps I’m wrong but I really do feel typing out my commands instead of connecting a bunch of boxes with lines is more efficient and allows me to get “deeper” into what I’m doing, which may allow me to explore more interesting low-level concepts…

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      My biggest problem with visual tools is that they do not understand my intent. Text-based programming is capturing my intent because I am telling the computer exactly what to do. With visual tools, a layer is trying to translate my clicking and positioning into code. This works great 80% of the time, but that 20% of the time where the tool cannot adequately capture my intent removes most of the benefit from using the tool in the first place.

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