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From one of the contributors: “Crystal will eventually have go-style parallelism as well as go-style concurrency. It’s a hard thing to implement, and we don’t have the resources of google (in fact we have very little resources at all) so it’s taking time. Until 3 weeks ago, nobody at all was working full-time on crystal, it was entirely a spare-time project, so progress is slow, i’m incredibly proud of what we’ve managed to achieve so far and looking forward to more in the future.”

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    Exciting to see this progress in Crystal. On the subject of concurrency, I’ve seen several languages recently discuss the goal implementing “Golang” style M:N parallelism. I’d love to take a crack at implementing ConcurrentML for one of these languages based on this excellent post: https://wingolog.org/archives/2018/05/16/lightweight-concurrency-in-lua