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De Programmatica Ipsum Issue 25 covers Smalltalk In this edition:

  • Graham explains that Smalltalk was not a “pink plane” improvement.
  • Adrian dipped his toes in Smalltalk and wrote about the experience.
  • In the Library section, Graham enumerates the greatest contributions of Kent Beck to software engineering.

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    I really liked this issue. Smalltalk is a little gem that I wish more people would play with. I did find it really odd that Adrian decided to experience Smalltalk using GNU Smalltalk as if Smalltalk was about the language. IMHO Smalltalk was never about the language but the environment. The language is a side-effect of the environment and the UX that the designers wanted to implement. Even though that language is cute and serves its purpose well, experiencing Smalltalk without the rich environment around it is not really experiencing Smalltalk. It is as if the author picked that little gem I mentioned earlier, shattered it and just observed one shard. It might be a beautiful shard, but it is no longer the whole gem.