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    More effective movement in emacs:

        (require 'evil)
        (evil-mode 1)


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      How do all of these commands translate? Like the isearch variations, for example. Or moving by sexps. Or moving up and down an enclosing block. Honestly curious.

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        Which ones are you curious about? I’ll address the ones in your reply though

        • isearch - doesn’t have evil bindings
        • sexps - Go into Lisp mode, and then h and l
        • up and down by block - { and } in normal mode

        Full disclosure: I’m a fairly recent convert from vim. Evil mode is the best way for me to get the power of emacs but with keybindings that are powerful in their own way and familiar to me.

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          evil adherents exhibit almost religious zeal about their choice.

          For me, I don’t feel like using the VIm bindings makes me more productive. I like the native ones - I get to use all the documentation as-is, and an integrate with elisp more easily. I don’t want or need a translation shim layer. The investment to learn the actual commands wasn’t that great.

          But that’s me, YMMV.

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      This is a phenomenal book from end to end. I’m in the middle of re-reading it a few months and many hours of emacs users after reading it the first time.

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        Do you know whether there’s a way to get a hard copy of the book? Maybe I’m strange but I don’t like the idea of spending $40 for an ebook.

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          I’ve printed ebooks at Lulu, though it has been a few years. I am not sure if they do single copies anymore…

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            Google revealed this: http://www.thebookpatch.com/

            Honestly I can’t imagine why you’d want a big sheaf of dead tree like that, but to each their own? :)

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              They do. I print there manuals from time to time.