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    One of my favorite pastebins has sadly closed its doors. The root cause appears to be abuse by monero. What pastebins should I try out to replace it?

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      I like https://0x0.st/ , personally. https://uguu.se/ is okay if you only need 24 hours of storage.

      Unfortunately, like all free image and file hosting services, it is the nature of such things to be abused until they either close their doors or become crap. The only defense against it appears to be obscurity, or raising the barrier to entry/reducing the usefulness of such things until they become less appealing targets for abuse. The Tragedy of the Commons has seldom been so obviously played out, over and over again.

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        When ptpb.pw was created, ix.io, sprunge.us (defunct), clbin.com, pomf.se (defunct), 0x0.st were the major competitors.

        The best replacement of course will be the reborn ptpb.pw. Opportunities for creative discussion on an idealized pastebin implementation seem rare, so I welcome input from anyone (even on the meta-topic of how to gather feedback for various proposals).

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          sprunge.us is not defunct!!

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          Abuse by a group of miners in particular, not Monero as a whole or the Monero community: https://github.com/ptpb/pb/issues/246

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            How exactly was this abused, and why was is abused by Monero miners?

            I’ve never heard of this service until today so I’ve no clue how it worked.

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              ptpb is an HTTP service that is conceptually like S3, only without authentication and with an API designed to be usable enough for handwritten curl commands to be practical.

              Incoming requests were for configuration files for https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak related to pool.minexmr.com, as well as the mining binary itself.

              This traffic represented >>95% of ptpb.pw’s total traffic, and was sustained for at least 14 days.

              Why can only be guessed at, but it makes sense to me that the operators had a distribution issue that they decided to solve with ptpb.pw.

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                If you’re in control of the pastebin that miners are using to control their rigs, I can think of one way to cover the costs…

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                  first, break the private key of the cryptography they’re using to sign or encrypt their messages?

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                  For comparison, typical ptpb.pw usage might be to publish a log file or code to IRC for discussion, small-scale image sharing, etc…

                  IMO any large-scale for-profit usage (*coin stereotypes aside) is categorically abuse–operators should find paid services instead.

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                    0x0.st also mentioned that they receive similar abuse: https://github.com/ptpb/pb/issues/245#issuecomment-471205033

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                catbox.moe, mixtape.moe, 0x0.st, ix.io, sprunge.se,