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      If you load the coretemp(4) kernel module with kldload(8) command you will get additional temperature information.

      note: amdtemp on AMD CPUs

      The biggest enemies of supend/resume mechanism are bugs in your BIOS/UEFI firmware for your hardware. Sometimes disabling Bluetooth helps – that is the option for ThinkPad T420s for example

      On the X240 it was disabling the TPM!


      Huh. Looks much nicer than the overly detailed Intel pcm.x! Neat.

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        Thank You for comment, I will write an update with amdtemp(4) and TPM for suspend/resume.

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      Thanks for this very detailed write up. It’s prompted me to try out FreeBSD on my XPS 15 again. Also great that you included details of disabling Nvidia graphics. On Arch I disable it with bumblebee and I believe this has a significant (positive) impact on battery life.

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        Welcome, share your thoughts on setting up FreeBSD on that XPS 15 machine.