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    … or just change the password from the default one

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      Forcing users to change the password is needed. If you allow the users to shoot themselves in the foot, they’ll do it and blame you.

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        yeah, but the “Update YOUR Pi” headline is very misleading, all you need to do is change the pw and you’re secured

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      The relatively low-power processor available on the Raspberry Pi, even in the highest specced Pi 3 Model B, makes it a poor machine for mining cryptocurrency according to those who’ve tried it, especially when compared to the effectiveness of using GPUs or ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) tailored to the task.

      The script mines Monero, not Bitcoin. No ASIC miners actually exist for Monero, and it can still be profitable to mine using only a CPU. Granted, the Pi 3 may not be very efficient at mining, but when you’re getting free electricity by pwning peoples Pi’s that probably doesn’t matter much.