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    Uh oh, there is some confusion here. I got one “-1 spam” and one comment that suggests the buyer’s blog post might be a better link.

    No, and no. I’ll explain.

    BountySource has four types of customers.

    1. folks posting “bounties”
    2. folks claiming bounties
    3. folks doing open source work and getting paid monthly recurring payments for it–from their fans. Like patreon.
    4. folks paying the #3 folks. This is the category I’m in. I sponsor the McCLIM project. (a little…)

    So, I posted this to make sure all the #3 and #4 people are aware that the party they have trusted to send money for them is changing to a different party.

    But thanks for the downvote! /s Yeah, I’m also not interested in this canya ICO crap.

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      https://blog.canya.com.au/2017/12/20/canya-acquires-majority-stake-in-bountysource-adds-over-46000-users/ is a slightly more useful post about it (linked from the top of the above link)

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        Well that’s very bad. Why was this even a possible option?