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    This article, and the oddly judgemental piece from Gruber that it mentions, seem to be asserting that their particular set of values and priorities are the right ones. They can of course understand people who have different values, but of course the bums with deficient values can’t really hope to understand the right way!

    There’s plenty of UX jank on Android, as there is in the Linux desktop ecosystem as well. The trouble is, if you want my heart to sing (good grief) then the rigid UX paternalism Apple platforms exhibit is just never going to cut it. I used Macintoshes for years, I tried to like them; each new OS release took away features I was using and made others worse. Because it’s proprietary you can’t fix it yourself even if you want to.

    I would never recommend someone ditch their iPhone if they’re happy with it, but I cannot rightly apprehend a future mental state in which I would ever buy one myself.