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nuster, A web caching proxy server based on HAProxy released v1.7.9.5

Add a cache manager API supports enable and disable cache all at run time. Cache can be enabled/disabled by a single cache-rule name (tag), proxy-id(all cache-rules belong to this proxy), ALL caches.

  • Cache manager API
  • Cache manager applet
  • Enable and disable cache-rule at run time
  • Rename cache applet
  • Change default share memory size

Nuster is a simple yet powerful web caching proxy server based on HAProxy. It is 100% compatible with HAProxy, and takes full advantage of the ACL functionality of HAProxy to provide fine-grained caching policy based on the content of request, response or server status. Its features include:

  • All features of HAProxy are inherited, 100% compatible with HAProxy
  • Powerful dynamic cache ability
    • Based on HTTP method, URI, path, query, header, cookies, etc
    • Based on HTTP request or response contents, etc
    • Based on environment variables, server state, etc
    • Based on SSL version, SNI, etc
    • Based on connection rate, number, byte, etc
  • Extremely fast
  • Cache purging
  • HTTPS supports on both frontend and backend
  • HTTP compression
  • HTTP rewriting and redirection
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    So what does Nuster do that HAProxy doesn’t?

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      nuster added cache ability to HAProxy, nuster = haproxy + cache. Also it is different from the cache feature introduced in haproxy v1.8 which has many limitations.