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Can we make the visited link color a bit more contrasting to the new links. Currently it is difficult to find new links with a quick glance.

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      What do you suggest?

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        How about #bbb

        This is a segment of my chrome’s Custom.css (removed the borders from tags as well)

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          This is #bbb but I think it makes visited links kind of hard to read. It would be useful on a site where all you did was click things so that it would be out of the way once clicked on, but I think it’s a pretty common usage pattern on this site to click on a link, read it, then hit back and want to comment or vote on the story and possibly do it again a few hours later to read new comments. It’s important to be able to quickly scan the list of titles, which is why I left the visited color still a readable blue. That said, I’m not against changing it,

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            bbb is too light
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      I am no colour expert, but I clearly agree.

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      I think I like this color for visited links more: #7395D9. That makes the front page look like this.

      For reference, the original colors:

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        I made a pull request for this change, since nothing else was happening on this thread.