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We’ve learned to tap into the API of Life and now have the ability to do things like volume(universalCoordinates).spawn(h20)

What’re the first programs you’ll write and what are some longer term programs you’d like to write?

I may end FFF after today. It was fun.

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      Undo/redo feature [P0]

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      • step 1: spawn 50 kittens
      • step 2: panic
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        step 2: panic

        You panic, emotionally, or you make the universe panic!?

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          Emotionally. There is no way in hell I can take care of 50 kittens responsibly, but I sure don’t want to just despawn them and let the Universal GC reclaim their adorable little kitten souls.

          Making the universe panic!() will hopefully be reserved for special occasions. Hopefully. (Do NOT give me the ability to terminate any process, let alone the universe’s.)

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      pi = 3. It’s inconvenient to have to remember all those extra digits.

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        Nooo! I know pi is listed as a “configuration variable”, but it shouldn’t be. Tons of laws only work if it has exactly the value it currently does. The whole simulation will break if you try to change it!

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          Really? Have any good sources for which ones?

          …this is related to that whole sqrt(2) issue, isn’t it. Dammit I TOLD them that hack was a bad idea but nooooo, it won’t have any cascading effects, really! Next thing you know real numbers exist instead of just integers and you have to invent quantum physics to try to work around it…

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      from life import get_person
      from life.skills import SocialSkills, MAX_LEVEL
      me = get_person()
      for skill in iter(SocialSkills):
          me.add_skill(skill, level=MAX_LEVEL)
      del me.diseases["Crohn's"]
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      I may end FFF after today. It was fun.

      Also, thank you for the effort! It has been fun. If I someday think of a list of similar questions, do you mind me (or someone) co-opting the format? No promises, but my gut reaction to FFF ending is “aw, someone should keep doing it”.

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        You and anyone else is more than welcome and I will gladly participate in answering :)

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      fun_format_friday.expiration += 90.days

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      If I could alter the nature of reality without any constraints, then I would like to make space, time and matter infinitely divisible. This would be handy for building computers more powerful than Turing machines, and would revolutionize what we can do with computers. Consider the possibilities if you can perform an infinite number of computations within a finite amount of time, or store an infinite amount of data within a finite volume!

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      dying.pain = 0

    9. [Comment removed by author]

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      HomoSapiens.config('ability.telekenesis', 1)
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      How fast is life’s interpreter? 1 timeslice per timeslice? If I can run things faster than we experience them I’d love to have some kind of kanren-y search algorithm to search through possibilities for the series of decisions I need to achieve what I want.

      If not, I could really use some peanut butter fudge right now. I feel like much day-to-day use would be simple hedonism. Just gonna Skinner Box myself into a really weird universe with increasingly modified laws of physics because it’s fun. Sorry y’all are being subjected to my weather preferences and prank gravity inversions.

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      Do we have a way to access documentation on this API? Do we know what volume does or what h20 is?