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    Do we want a web where Hollywood is the dictator?

    I’m really tired of these sensationalist soundbites. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH HOLLYWOOD CONTENT.

    By adding DRM into the web standards, we make it easier for websites to be swayed by their content owners into adding DRM.

    That’s a nice argument… except they were already using DRM with Flash, Silverlight, even custom NPAPI plugins. And they are already using EME. Not standardizing EME at W3C will do precisely nothing to stop DRM.

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      No one is forcing you to watch DRM media, but if you want to watch the latest movies then you don’t have a choice. The people that care don’t have enough sway to change anything though. The best we can do is try to educate the general public, Jo Citizen doesn’t know who Tim Berners Lee is, what a W3C or EME is. They barely know what DRM is even though basically every single video they watch on a device is DRM encumbered, except the cat videos on YouTube and Facebook.

      See also security, backups, ad networks and user tracking, you are the product, crypto currencies, the difference between a legal and illegal torrent, WTF is a Tor, is this my real bank’s website or is it just a similarly named domain?

      The generally public just don’t know the answers to these questions, they don’t even know that they are missing this knowledge. We won’t have DRM free movies until most people know what they are missing out on and care enough to boycott.

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      That means that every browser uses different DRM software, so some content will play on only some browsers.

      Are people unaware that the HTML standard doesn’t specify any required formats for img either? Does Firefox supporting APNG break the web, too?

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        This used to be a problem (still is?) with H.264 before Cisco decided to pay the bill for every Internet user to be able to view H.264 encoded videos. For a long time HTML5 video didn’t work in Firefox unless it was WebM or Theora. At least this is “solved” now for video.