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    N.B.: These are apparently derived from the author’s textbook, which I gather is a standard in the field.

    As a long-time quantum computing “skeptic” I found these articles fascinating and worth the time, though I admit I didn’t sign up for the spaced repetition bits.

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      Unfortunately, this website has so many custom animations and fonts that it brings my 2.6GHz i7 16 GB RAM MacBook Pro to a grinding halt. It’s a shame to put such barriers in front of great information, especially when that information is fundamentally just text.

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        Interesting. I’ve read the bulk of the text in Firefox on my phone, a fairly standard cheapo Android, with no issues. This includes using the spaced repetition sections, too.

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          Just checked on my iPhone XR: works fine there too. 🤷🏻

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        This is great: I love the presentation and the spaced repetition features. For those interested, Michael Nielsen has a lot of the same material covered in video format.