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Hi, fellow Lobsters,

I have a 1TB portable hard drive filled with Time Machine backups. It is running out of space now, so I need to archive the old backups to free space for the new ones. I was planning to create a hard disk image and upload it to, say, Amazon S3 Glacier, but the SSD of my MacBook Pro is merely 256GB, so I doubt if that is doable. Basically, I am looking for a way to “pipe” the content of my hard disk to a remote storage device.

Any suggestions?


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    Well, you can literally pipe an image to rsync.net. See https://www.rsync.net/resources/howto/remote_commands.html

    Maybe they’re kinda expensive though? I pay them a ton of money once a year and completely under utilize my account. (This is personal admin debt.)

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      You should be able connect an external hard-drive to your computer and pipe it to S3 using a number of tools. AWS’s own command-line interface has a sync/copy command, or you can try rclone, a syncing CLI tool that supports a variety of cloud destinations (I’ve only ever used it as a rsync-over-FTP solution, so I don’t know firsthand how well it works with S3). Here’s an article outlining some surprising costs in working with Glacier for rclone specifically, which might influence the backup tool / strategy you employ.

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        I believe they and other services such as spider oak support “seed drives” where you just mail them your drive.

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          What is the problem with attaching the drive to a computer and setting the drive contents to be uploaded? iCloud utilities may allow you to do this as is, with no fiddling.