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    I don’t think the author understands the detection kit as I do. He calls it an offensive weapon. For myself, it is a mechanism for me to determine if something I am being told is BS. It is not an argument tool. So no, my Baloney Detection Kit is working just fine.

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      As I understood it,the focus of the article is not the “baloney detection kit” itself but the use and abuse of logical fallacies in a debate, and how are used as an excuse to not to listen to other people’s argument. (and how damaging they can be when used to exclude)

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        The last paragraph says:

        The Baloney Detection Kit is a cache of offensive weapons, and for many discussions it’s better to leave it behind and go in unarmed.

        So it sounds to me like he is including logical fallacies in the kit. But my statement applies to logical fallacies too. You don’t present them to someone, you use them as a tool to understand what they are saying and find weak spots to ‘attack’ their claim.

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        Agreed. It’s not something you throw at other people, it’s something you use in your own head to find the weak points of a claim. More of a “maybe you should examine this detail more carefully” kit.