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      This is clever, but I’m a little concerned it’s a step towards the “this is why we can’t have nice things” wrt hosting on github.

      I get it, gh pages is a quick and easy way to publish something publicly without paying for egress, and I’ve totally used it as such before for quick one-off things where it was helpful… but it seems like documenting and spreading the abuse of it for publishing big media files is just likely to lead to gh cracking down and making it difficult or impossible to use when you need it.

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        This is a great call. I’m going to update the post tonight and use Archive.org (as suggested in another reply) for the mp3 hosting. I’ll post here again once its updated! Thank you

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          Hey, loved the article, and had the same concern. What are the speeds like downloading large audio from Archive.org?

          EDIT: I went and browsed the collection of podcasts on Archive, and the download speeds were avg 90k/s, which to me, given it’s free tier, is not too shabby

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        Just updated the post to use archive.org for mp3 hosting as per below. Thanks again for this feedback!

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      Nice! Another option is to upload to archive.org, which also allows free hosting depending on your podcast license

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        Good call. I will check that out as well!

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      I enjoyed this a lot, and Syte looks pretty neat! Another option for the static hosting is Netlify, which I prefer over GH pages simply for the fact that it’s not owned by Microsoft.

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        I’ve convinced Ben that we’re going to take Syte out of beta soon, so would love if you want to give it try! Netlify is also wonderful - I use them for my personal blog (although I may switch it to Cloudflare Pages soon, just to better organize everything in one place)