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    It’s very cool!
    Something I wanted to do myself is to implement Cloak of Darkness in Haskell. Textual games really are a good intro to game dev in Haskell.

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      I love this! I’ve been working on a game of my own recently that is text-based like this. While I haven’t been doing it in Haskell (I’m using Ruby because I’m most comfortable with it), there’s a ton of value in working on a project like this that requires no video or audio. The entire process only requires an understanding of the game logic you’re trying to produce. It’s also a great entry point into programming self-education because it tends to overlap pretty well with a lot of young developers’ interests (making games), so they don’t need to deal with something totally abstract.

      Seeing this is good inspiration that if I ever decide to pick up Haskell I could do it by reproducing my game in it.

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        Loving it! And the good thing is you can apply it to any other language you’re trying to learn!