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Site Visits took its initial inspiration from Mozilla’s discontinued Tilt 0 dev tools feature. I remember using it more out of curiosity than as a practical tool over a decade ago. During a deep dive into what our 1 next work would be, Tilt came up again. We became inspired by the perspective it provided via the shape of DOM hierarchies across the web.

Using this shape we started to find ways to merge the tangible structure of the site with aspects of the sites cultural impact. The project wants to create an alternate perspective on the web, by layering world-building elements on top of the 3D geometry of the site’s hierarchy.

Trying to draw inspiration from the shape of this landscape, and let it influence the concept throughout.

A deeper dive into the two current Site Visits is in the submitted link.

The stripped down process for those interested:

  • A very simple browser plugin was created for Firefox that exports an untextured GLB file of the nested DOM hierarchy.

  • This is then brought into Blender, and combined with a full page screenshot to create the base landscape model.

  • Entirely in Blender and in a largely manual way all the world-building elements are created, explored and layered onto the landscape.

  • After the dust settles an optimized version of the model is created and used as an asset.

  • For VR we built out an experience via Unity or through stereoscopic 360 video, depending on the exhibition.

I hope that this crowd finds this as an interesting take on the web, and am happy to answer any questions in the comments here!