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    Clicked to know if the data will be too, and as expected, it’s still under consideration. That’s the trickiest part, and Troy will get crap either way.

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      This is a beautiful summary of the HN discussion:

      A webshit couldn’t get any money for a hash table with a search box and suddenly cares about ‘betterment.’ Not ‘betterment’ in any sense that means useful data could be had for free, but ‘betterment’ in the sense that other people should write a lot of software to enable future profits from this data. Hackernews briefly notes that no code has actually been released, then sets about reverse engineering it.

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        Does n-gate actually like anything? Sneering at things justified to sneer at might be alright, but sneering at everything screams “I’m too cool to care” among other things.

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          I’m sure the author does, however the entire point of that feed is to make fun of Hacker News. You can still make fun of something you like, and someone else might resonate with that humor.

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            lobste.rs, too, which was described as the distillment of HNs Ask/Show “autofellation”.

            It’s a good giggle.

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            It’s the angry old grandpa I never had

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            Referencing a HN discussion, especially at one remove, doesn’t really contribute anything to the conversation here on Lobste.rs.

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              That is not a beautiful summary, but a text full of jest and insults. The only thing I learned from it is that author doesn’t like Troy Hunt.

              I don’t know Troy’s character, but I do know that hosting any web service costs money.