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    The edge sharpening and continuity work is impressive, but at 4K it still suffers a lot of the hallmark upscaling issues:

    • Irregular fine detail is largely missing from the reconstruction, giving everything a smoothed and posterised look.

    • The reconstructed edges have a strong ringing effect to them, giving everything a sort of odd glowing halo effect

    • Motion prediction struggles when objects are briefly occluded by other, more high contrast objects (such as the credits in the sample video), causing a weird lens effect around them as this happens.

    • Motion prediction and reconstruction on small, discrete objects at close to pixel size in the source, like the stars, suffer both wobble and brightness variation during panning.

    • Colour detail and sharp gradients suffer from odd looks due to the fact that reconstruction of this from things like DVD video is difficult due to the use of chroma subsampling (lower colour information resolution) on an already low-resolution source compared to the target resolution.

    In particular to the sample, the technique also seems to fail to reconstruct the image well in the immediate vicinity of emissive light effects or other translucent overlays with gradient (although this is probably related to the above chroma subsampling issue), giving these areas a distracting blur compared to the rest of the scene, and reconstructed areas using a depth-of-field blur effect look extremely weird, although amusingly they seem less blurry than the areas with emissive light effects.

    Here’s a still that contains almost all of these issues, although it might be a bit affected by recompression of the image.

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      Uncanny valley.

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        Well, Odo is in uncanny valley even at standard definition… 😉

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          My friend who knows more about AI upscaling says the problem is the algorithm, Gaia-CG. Apparently because it’s meant for CG / animation, using it for stuff like this makes everything look like plastic.

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          Sadly nobody has done a shot-for-shot remake of the CG for the contemporary (and better imho) Babylon 5.

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            I haven’t watched it but hasn’t the Amiga-generated CGI got some of its own unique charm?

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              Some, yes…

              But hearing they planned for higher quality remasters in the future but lost the source materials makes me sad :-(

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            This is great. I’ve bought the entire series on DVD. It’d be awesome to see it all upscaled.

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              I would pay pretty money for an upscaled version of DS9. Not that I need an excuse to watch it again for an umpteenth time.