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I got tired of links to articles and to the comments section opening in the same tab, so I wrote a short Tampermonkey script to deal with the problem.

It’s really for personal use, but I figured I might as well share it since it works fine for me as it its.


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    Thanks for writing this, it’s an occasional request. Could you open a PR to add this to the about page alongside the dark mode discussion?

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      Please please please don’t add this behaviour to Lobsters (without a switch). It’s the thing I hate the most about new Reddit, and there’s a lot to hate about new Reddit.

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        old.reddit.com still works just fine, FYI

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        Alright. I added a PR about it just now.

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        Scratching an itch, and it’s great, but one should be cautious with Tampermonkey.

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          This seems clickbaity considering the article is about licensing rather than any technical danger, like a vulnerability or something.

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          • Ctrl-Click on Windows/Linux
          • Cmd-Click on macOS
          • Middle click everywhere I know about

          All of the above will do what you expect.

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            Middle click works on Windows…

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              On macOS also.

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              The point I wanted to make with this is that the way I expected it to work is that clicking on a link would open it in a new window.
              This tampermonkey script solves that problem and makes the page work how I would expect it to work as an aggregator of links rather than as a waypost to other sites.
              By opening things in a new tab I am not loosing track of where I was and I won’t lose the tab after I close the article or comments.
              Besides, all the examples you list will open the link in the background in a new tab. This will create a new tab and switch to that tab. The functionality is not identical.

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                It might be the way you expect it to work, and that is totally fine. This is however extremely subjective, and making this the default will ALWAYS open as a new window, and there won’t be any way to follow a link directly, while the current behavior gives you the choice (left click vs. middle click).

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                  You are correct. That is why this is implemented using a Tampermonkey script. That way I can have my preferences without it affecting your preferences.
                  I suggest you not install this Tampermonkey script if you don’t want it to work the way I do.