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Mike Gunderloy on his initial experience with a Project Sputnik setup.


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    It seems the author expected the laptop to ship with some sort of developer edition (Developer profile) of Ubuntu 12.04, but according to Dell, they are just “running the 12.04 LTS release of Ubuntu”.

    Does the “Developer profile” refer to hardware configuration?

    I’m not yet quite sure what Project Sputnik gives me in addition, compared to some cool ultrabook with Ubuntu 12.04 installed.

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      Big question for me is the battery life(power saving). On mac Linux kills the battery this is understandable since they can not be optimizing for every piece of hardware people have. But if Dell can optimize this laptop to last 5 hours or so I might give it a shot.

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        I think I’d give it a shot, maybe.

        I definitely believe someone could build a great development laptop on top of a reasonably polished linux distribution, but I’m not sure Dell is the company I’d bet on to pull it off.

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        It looks like the profile tool will be based on Chef. The OEM Ubuntu image is also prepared using Chef. There are mentions of Vagrant in the profile tool, which has me somewhat disappointed. While I love Vagrant, I was hoping that they would be using LXC containers to create and manage their proposed microclouds. Kudos to the sputnik for using existing configuration management tools instead of writing their own.

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          I’ve been really itching for a super thin and light laptop again. I swapped my 13" MacBook Air for a Thinkpad X220 around February and it just sucks how bulky the thing is. The MacBook Air is probably still my favorite machine to date but I’m really interested in the new Thinkpad X1 Carbon. There’s just something about the XPS 13 that I don’t like. It’s as if every manufacturer besides Apple is trying WAY too hard to make stupid simple thin and light laptop.

          And is it really that hard to setup your own dev environment? Add some repos, apt-get some packages… I don’t totally understand this “Project Sputnik”.