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    Hey all, author here. Happy to take any feedback, in particular “I tried and it didn’t work out of the box” stories. I will not tell you to RTFM.

    I recommend reading https://github.com/cloudflare/hellogopher#why for more insight.

    There’s also a gif demo https://twitter.com/FiloSottile/status/822745605806112768

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      Looks really useful. I wish you had put the “why” allll the way at the top[0], because by the time I scrolled down a page or so and hit “IMPORT_PATH”, I gave up because I didn’t know why I wanted what it was doing and it seemed really complicated. I then read the “why” (because you linked to it in your comment) and got it. :)

      [0] It’s great that it has a “why” – far too many projects don’t explain why I want/need/should care about it.

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      I added this to my project after seeing it here, and it works really well! Much easier than explaining how to setup $GOPATH to people who don’t use Go much.

      I actually used to use a script to build all my subpackages, this makes a nice replacement.