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This is now much more difficult to pull off if your workflow involves code reviews and pull requests. I sometimes miss the time when you could sneak in an Easter egg without anyone knowing.

I once wrote a hardware register editor (internal tool) where if you entered a specific register value it changed the icon of the application to the face of my boss.

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    In every system I’ve ever worked on, if it exposed a command line interface, typing xyzzy would result in the response Nothing happens.

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      Nice! I had to look up the Colossal Cave reference but that’s pretty neat.

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      I don’t add Easter eggs but I will use the Luther Blissett collective pseudonym in comments and documentation.

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        One part of me wished I did but the other one understands that it’s not really professional to do that in commercial projects.

        In my passion projects I go wild with the debug log banter but that’s where my bravado ends.