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      It’d be nice if it was somehow possible to view Netflix on a FreeBSD desktop, however.

      I’ve tried a bhyve VM running Windows but the limitations of vnc or RDP make the video jerky.

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        RDP actually does support including MPEG video streams in another channel of the connection, for smoother video playback over RDP as long as the video is rendered via HW accel and the RemoteFX parts of the protocol are enabled - in fact, I’m pretty sure since Windows 10, it encodes the desktop as one too.

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      WRT > Running FreeBSD “head” lets us deliver large amounts of data to our users very efficiently, while maintaining a high velocity of feature development.

      I guess this is the testament of FreeBSD engineering quality, as well as Neflix’s team to be able to do it for production system (that is also, apparently responsible for 70% of internet traffic).

      In my small/tiny interest perimeter, I am excited to try out the new FreeBSD 12 bhyve-within-jails feature

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      Extremely surprised of the fact they run FreeBSD head. Really proves the amount of trust they have in FreeBSDs software, and if it works for them and they manage to stay stable and improve their development software - absolutely impressive. Never heard of any big platforms using head/dev code in production.