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      I feel as if I’m missing something. What’s Opera’s motivation for doing this? I’d assume they’re tracking browsing habits for ads…except they also build in an ad blocker, which means I’m less clear on what the benefit would be.

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        “Hey advertising companies, here are the domains people are connecting to. They probably have ads blocked, but this data is still valuable for you to see your blindspots.” – I dunno.

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        This is being labeled as a privacy enhancement, but it is kind of the opposite. Although it potentially masks your location from lots of other third parties, etc, Opera is in an interesting position to harvest data and profit from it.

        Amazon’s Silk plus cloud rendering is a similar story, of course.

        Personally, I would much rather just use some random paid VPN provider than effictively sharing my web browsing habits (even under SSL, the servers I am connecting to) directly with a browser maker.

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          Has anyone used it? Is it working fine and properly?