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    Really nice tutorial! Has anyone else found material covering the implementation of some other common language features (Objects, methods, etc)?

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        Thanks (-:. See also the follow-up: http://papl.cs.brown.edu/

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          i went through a few chapters, and i’m curious about the focus of this book - it seems to spend less time than PLAI on the details of implementing interpreters, and more on building up the foundations a la HtDP. is it meant to eventually supersede PLAI, or is it more of a companion volume for people who want to start from an earlier point?

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            It’s actually a hybrid. Pretty much most of the content of PLAI is in there, but mostly in the second half. The first half is like a very brief version of HtDP. But there is also content that is not in either book: e.g., the material on tables is driven by language features we added to Pyret.

            The real goal is to eventually interleave these parts: “here is some programming, now here’s the corresponding PL content; here’s more programming, here’s the corresponding PL content”. I was starting to do that, but realized there are some open research questions I have about how to present semantics. So with Preston Tunnell Wilson I am now investigating those issues. Once they are sufficiently resolved, they will feed back into the restructuring of PAPL.

            Hope that make sense.