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    I love my sculpt as well. Probably the best ergonomic keyboard on the market in terms of price and availability. For sure there are others who would love to use these boards (myself included)!

    Amazing how quickly they were able to learn to create PCBs too.

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      That’s really cool, thanks for sharing! I’ve wondered about doing something like this before, so it’s good to see all the detail.

      The only other thing I will say: a fresh load of this page was ~120MB. Might want to compress those images a bit :)

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        (Author here.) hahah, thanks for pointing out the file size. My philosophy when writing it was that I wanted the highest-resolution photos I could get away with, because I was so tired of looking at other peoples’ projects and not being able to zoom into the components.

        I’ll add thumbnails. 😆

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          I will admit to having zoomed in for a closer look! I did enjoy that 😄

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        Wow this is really cool!

        Unfortunately, I had also to ditch my Sculpt because it stopped working properly on the lastest versions of macOS. But I would love to have a USB version of this keyboard!