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    What’s your nano setup like? ask satire

Nano is one of the most important text editors of our time. This is a place to share your nano tips and tricks, as well as any custom configuration you might have done. For example, you can recompile nano to extend it with extra functionality.


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    I make extensive use of alias nano=vim, because if someone accidentally starts nano I struggle to quit it.

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      Huh, you too? Though I alias it to ed(1). Not only will I get back out of it, nobody else will, so I can identify the heretic who uses nano(1).

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      In all seriousness? micro

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        A lot of people don’t know it, but you can turn on syntax highlighting in Nano, if you so choose.

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          Note: Sometimes you might get a segmentation fault after you have edited your ~/.nanorc file.

          … Wow, nano is really scoring points.

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          This is getting ridiculous.

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            I feel like I created a monster (I posted the whats your emacs setup) :|

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              Hence the satire tag.

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                Lobste.rs is no place for joking around.

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              alias nano="vim"

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                • I make sure to disable any of the useless advanced features, such as syntax highlighting (Debian appears to enable it by default.
                • I work mostly from the shell, with multiple terminals from which I jump into nano to edit and save and exit right away.
                • I use operating system / terminal level copy and paste when working with multiple files. (This has some downsides: the built-in macos terminal copies tabs as spaces, and I frequently run into issues where I’ve copied partial lines because they didn’t fit in the terminal.)

                Overall, nano has been serving me well over the last 10+ years. I used emacs for a while before, but I wouldn’t want to miss an editor with instant startup. I mean to move to kakoune, but haven’t committed to the switch yet – I believe it might suit my workflow. I tried vis a while back, but it seemed to lack robustness.

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                  I don’t expect much from my text editors, and I don’t like mods/plugins that are too invasive. So, my nano config is pretty sparse:

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                    export EDITOR=vim

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                      I use custom macro C+O, C+M-A, C+X

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                        Recompilation for extra functionality? Where’s the bait on this one?

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                          Yeah. It sounds a bit strange, sure. But I added a lisp evaluator to my nano and it turned out to be quite convenient. I suspect that lisp might make a decent extension language for a text editor. The downside is that there’s no lexical scope yet and you have to use global variables everywhere, but that can be fixed later.

                          Also I changed it so that if you press a key, it doesn’t directly type anything. By default, pressing a key issues a command. You have to press a special key to start actually typing. It seems weird, but I feel like I can type a lot faster.

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                          Based on the satire tag I assume the creator doesn’t actually care about the responses to the question. I flagged this as spam, I don’t think we need this kind of thing.

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                            When does a post cross the line from “I don’t want to see more content like this so will not upvote it” to “this should be flagged as spam”? For you, personally, I mean.

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                              It’s harder to define in general, but when people are creating copycat throwaway posts that they don’t care about I think that’s effectively spamming the site.

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                                Out of all of the “What is your X” setup posts, this is the only one that the poster didn’t seem to care about, but I still think the commentary adds more than it takes away, overall.