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    The website of the discoverer is https://shiptracker.shodan.io/ but it’s currently dead under load.

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      Turns out Hackers was ahead of its time.

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        A feature of our VSAT terminals allows us to quickly reset the password and regain control of the terminal in the instance of passwords being compromised

        Does this mean there is a set of hardcoded super-admin credentials?

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          At the very least it’s backdoored in some way or form. It’s giving me the chills that they are selling it as a feature. Also this

          They also note that it’s standard practice in the industry to deliver systems with default, hard-coded credentials, based on the assumption they’ll be reset with something stronger later.

          shows how less they care about their customers and it’s one of the reasons I don’t have a good opinion about standard industry practices or best practices. Look Mum, everybody is doing it, so how am I too blame?

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          I actually set up some of these type of VSAT systems back in another job, though on oil rigs, not ships. IIRC, our terminals had 4 public IP addresses each. I’m pretty sure we didn’t have any admin pages accessible from the public internet, but it was a while ago.

          I do remember that their systems mucked with TCP comms in a weird way, I think it was faking ACKs, to try and speed things up, and it really screwed up a network app we were trying to build.