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Thought you guys/gals might be interested in my post. I hope I made a novel connection. It is a very dividing article, and it is meant to be.


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    It’s an interesting and not altogether unfair comparison. I’m not sure I 100% agree with the connecting argument.

    While it is orthogonal to the point, I’d have liked to hear your thoughts on how one would make a career out of Free Software development.

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      Making a career out of it is a good and difficult question.

      I have always argued that the best approach is for everyone to have a basic income, regardless of what they do. That way, people who would otherwise be stacking boxes at night in Walmart might be writing Free Software instead.

      A basic income is not idealist and is a reachable goal.

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        +1 for basic income. I mentioned that in http://www.superloopy.io/articles/2014/good-ideas.html which lacks a good punchline, but collects some ideas I like.