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    Nice! I’m considering moving away from the Mastodon instance I’m in to a self-hosted Pleroma instance. I like that the frontend can be decoupled from the backend. Theoretically, I should be able to use it exclusively through third-party clients and the gopher interface, if I understand it correctly.

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      What would happen if someone would try to open a link “from” your instance though if you have no frontend?

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        Probably get the json version of the post.

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          Hmm, that’s a good point. I wanted to avoid hosting a web server but I guess there’s nothing to replace that.

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        I’m running my own instance of mastodon which is overkill and uses lots of resources, since there is only one user on that instance. I am looking for something lighter and easier to maintain, perhaps pleroma is a possible solution, I wonder if there is some sort of migration tool that would make it easier to switch without losing “connections” and the existing data.

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          Congratulations! I started running my own Pleroma instance last weekend and am looking forward to upgrading to pick up all the new features. Particularly excited by more Mastodon compatibility and the fetch_initial_posts option.

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            Glad to see they now offer binary releases!

            I tried installing Pleroma a while ago on an older server and had a hard time getting the right version of the Elixir compiler installed, which felt a bit silly because I shouldn’t have to compile anything from scratch; it makes a lot more sense to just get the VM installed and download precompiled bytecode and go.

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              Releases are kinda beta because they’re new as of Elixir 1.9, but they are the future

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              This would probably benefit from the release tag.

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                Great job Pleroma team, moved away from Mastodon to Pleroma almost a year ago and don’t regret it a single bit