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I’ve already posted a story about a Python news aggregator I’ve built with Django: https://lobste.rs/s/bjfuar/news_aggregator_for_python_community

Now, after the story hit the front page of Hacker News and I got positive reactions from the mentions in the “What are you doing this weekend” thread, I thought I’d tell you how it went:

I have more than 100 signups in the last 3 days, I opened it to the public and I posted it to Product Hunt today:


I cannot thank you enough for the positive vibes you and members of other communities have sent me.

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      Cool! Nice to have a Python-specific site that isn’t a sub-Reddit.

      @sebst I tried to verify my email and got a 500 error, BTW, so might want to check the logs…

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        Thanks for the hint! I’ll have to investigate! Your account works fine without verification, though

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        Should be fixed.

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      Congrats, but I have to ask: why such a tiny default font? To be able to comfortably read the contents, I need to have 140% zoom.

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        It’s designed as a clone of Hacker News. To evolve from this, also from a frontend point of view, is on my list ;-)

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          Too bad you didn’t use lobsters to do that! We would have had another sister site!

          Anyway good job and good luck with this project!

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            I considered this. But I thought a python site cannot be done in Ruby ;)

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      @sebst Do you have a JSON interface like https://lobste.rs/hottest.json ?

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        I’m working on feeds! Hope to provide an update soon!

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      Nice work on the site, I’ve signed up and will tell some friends.

      The programmer in me has to ask: why the restrictions on symbol input for the password field?

      Required. 150 characters or fewer. Letters, digits and @/./+/-/_ only.

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        I’ve used the standard django auth module which puts these restrictions.

        It’s mainly to have some compliance in how usernames look. While it’s certainly technically possible to have white spaces or emojis in usernames, things will get weird when you want to attach other systems (e.g. an email address for each user etc.)

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          Oh, it’s the help text for the username field! Yes, that makes perfect sense. The layout of the register form on mobile made me think it was referring to the password field (the input gets bumped up), that’s why I asked. Anyway, nice work.

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            Thank you!

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      Congratulations! What is your caching story right now–it seems a little slow to revisit some pages?

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        At the moment there is no caching. However, it’s slower than it should be. Need to tweak some elastic beanstalk settings, I guess

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      Signed up. Nitpick, but it says Verification successfully instead of Verified successfully.

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        Thank you for signing up. Fixed the typo as well!