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    sessions should be nested with care

    one of the funniest error message imho

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      This seems a lot of effort. screen can do this simply by chaining the keys, e.g. an extra ‘a’ for commands to nested screen sessions, i.e. ‘^a-a-c’ to create a tab in the nested screen. Doesn’t require changing any settings locally or remote.

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        The issue here is what to do with keys that do not need to be prefixed. If you have non-prefixed keybindings, then the outer tmux will always grab them unless told not to. That’s what this article shares: a way to tell TMUX to behave.

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          Yeah, this is the tricky bit as I understood it too.

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          Tmux of course can do that, too.

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            That is exactly what I do in tmux.

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            That’s cool, I suppose, but I always found it good enough to use a custom prefix on my local Tmux (Control-j), and leave the remote tmux the default. Therefore, it’s (Control-b) to do stuff on the inner, and (Control-j) to do stuff on the outer. Plus, I don’t have to replace the tmux conf on remote systems - I mostly connect to any one of dozens/hundreds of dynamically started and stopped systems, and usually only once or twice in a row.