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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Vacationing until the end of the year!

      I had 29 of days left as this year flew by and all of my plans got cancelled anyway.

      Other than that I am brushing up on Go and revisiting some of my pet projects.

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      Just made this silly little thing: bash completion for DuckDuckGo !bang commands. Here’s a fact: there are over 13K !bang commands.

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      I am finally releasing a first (beta) version of coqffi, a tool for Coq I have been working on for quite some time now; and I need to write a tutorial prior to do a call of betatesters.

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      Advent of Code 2020. I forget how much fun it is until it starts again. Sharing solutions and learning from others is great.

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      Getting an assembly line set up to build these SBCs I’ve been working on for Ring Zer0 training. They run a simulated multisession CP/M-plus alike based on Fabrizzio Di Vittorio’s amazing software. There’s only 25 of them being made so I’m building them all by hand.

      Then I’m working on a low-power ESP32-based sensor array as parts of experiments in indoor vertical farming. Hopefully we’ll have round 3 of our Pak Choi tests up and running in the office by the end of this week.

      If I get the chance I’m working on a long-form issue for Tales From The Dork Web on a couple of stories from the edge of space.

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      I’m chilling in Minnesota! Just vibing and heading back to get a new visa.

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      Starting a new job this week and I might actually head to see the vacant office space out in Bothell, Washington and meet some new coworkers. Also, as an early Christmas gift to myself I got a used Suzuki Jimny Turbo 4x4 (1992 Japanese Export). I hope it arrives by mid-week because it would be fun to drive it on the back roads to Bothell.

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      Work, mostly. I also caught up on the first 6 days of Advent of Code this weekend, using Janet, which was fun.

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      Learning and debugging old .NET legacy applications to start a plan to refactor or port in 2021. There is some really weird patterns here built from ignorance (I suspect), such as a RESTful web service that always returns 200s so that “the caller can receive the message.” Which I think means read the HTTP body? So yeah, that’s my week.

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      Massive life restructuring. Ended up burning the bridges to anyone I ever knew because I’m a very hateful and spiteful person so now it’s more of a quest to get over this river and find the resemblance of my old self on the island in the rock in the middle of it.

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      My main project is trying to finish up a proof-of-concept and write-up of how to do reliable (CPU) performance benchmarking on noisy cloud machines. The goal is to allow you to run your benchmark suite in GitLab CI or GitHub Actions runners, while still getting (very!) consistent results. Still not quite sure it works, but looking promising.

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      • Penultimate (short) working week till the new year. Nothing much more to do compared to earlier in the year, but time away from the same problems is useful, so I’m taking it.
      • 3d modelling. Seems my car mudflaps idea isn’t so terrible after some CAD and printing a prototype outline. Learning a lot about rounded corners in OpenSCAD.
      • Spike up containerising yet more of my home network stuff. Less about the containers, more about the orchestration thereof.
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      @work I’m finishing up a tool that takes a collection of imagery in a directory and builds and fuses multiple independent globes from it, and then creates a multiplexed end point that combines them all. The parts all exist, and this last piece glues everything together.

      It’s meant to work around some scaling issues we have building huge globes with tons of imagery, and it’s working really well, and I’m finishing up the unit and functional tests, hoping to get the PR reviewed and merged by the end of the sprint in time for the next release.

      @home I’m hoping to clean the garage, hike some of the trails nearby, and get a few bike rides in.

      I’m also adding some query functions to my OpenGL library, and hopefully using them to remove some ugly regex parsing in the shader handling. It’s been on my TODO list for a while, but it’s finally blocking me from working on more fun stuff using more advanced shaders.

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      My boss is taking a break for the whole of December so I get a paid vacation out of it! I’m going to continue my (ambitious for my skill level) Advent of Code in assembly project. Day 7 (today) is when it started getting hard (I had to implement a hybrid binary search hash map with CRC32) but I should be able to last at least one more week!

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      Brainstorming as I plan my 2021. I’m bought in on the idea of sticking with a yearly theme and I’ve gotten to the part of my year where I think of a new one.

      Advent of Code in Rust. This is my first year actually participating but my ~third year knowing about it, and it’s not as scary as I originally thought (he said, naïvely, on day seven)

      I have taken it upon myself to wire my parents’ house with ethernet so I’m doing some Youtube-based research to figure out how to open up their walls without making them overly upset.

      My team in a planning phase at work and I’m learning how to be a good eng citizen while the EMs and PMs do the bulk of the actual planning. Any advice on that is welcome!

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