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I may have edited the title a little. There’s some meta commentary too, but I thought just the comments make a good read.


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    “Hacker News : The Good Parts”.

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      Anyone keeping track of their favorite lobste.rs posts? I don’t have a list of posts, but generally I find comments by @tedu, @nickpsecurity, @apg, @mjn, and @tel insightful. And I’m probably missing some people too.

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        The ability to “star” our favourite posts would be a neat feature. I’ve often found useful info here that I’d like to return to and have to resort to saving links in, eg, Pinboard, which isn’t my ideal workflow.

        Anyone feel like adding the feature? :) Sadly I have no tuits to look at it myself…

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          @brucem, @geocar, and @alynpost have a lot of interesting information but mostly you’ll just see it in #lobsters IRC and not so much posted here.

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            Well that doesn’t really help me :)

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            Appreciate it. I try to be helpful. I’ve learned from their comments and yours. I don’t have a list of people on most of these sites so much as specific comments that can’t be forgotten. Trying to get my own and it better organized. I at least have most of my essays and design descriptions archived from Schneier blog where I posted them with some I thought significant on HN. Got a few items from others on both sites. Trying to start a Lobster’s collection recently as comments here are sometimes better than HN and other places on specific topics with good insight on technical, economic, or user aspects. I admit the first I bookmarked wasn’t quite informative but was just too damned good to discard:


            Lemon market is another one. The static typing one will probably go in since I revised a long essay for it with some interesting other discussion. Just don’t have many yet since my personal situation has been chaos with me too busy to comment plus be organized. ;)

            Note: Might have to check out the IRC channel per angersock.

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            What is the intent behind the expression: I may have edited the title? Either you did or you didn’t.