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    Ambient ScotRail Beats is my new favourite thing. Having spent so much of my life listening to these announcements it’s genuinely comforting. 😄

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      I’m a simple man, I see trains, I upvote.

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        Finally, I can experience the weekly pre-pandemic experience of finding out why I’m stranded in Perth for 3 hours this time, in the comfort of my own home!

        I always enjoy how-I-did-a-thing posts as an intro into a new tool. I’ve seen plenty of datasette projects before, but never an explanation on how it actually gets used.

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          I had been thinking, who cares about this Datasette thing. Then I saw how easily you were able to prototype this, and now I think Datasette looks awesome.

          Someone should let Datasette know about this collection: http://datassette.net/

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            This blog entry doubles up as a detailed tutorial about how to prototype with Datasette, which is something that the project has definitely been missing!

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            “Please ignore any information currently displayed” is one hell of a cyberpunk announcement.

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              I wonder if that’s from Olden Times when they had things like Solari boards giving the departure information - it was not unknown for them to get stuck, etc.

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              Who’s been stealing the third rail electrification equipment? And how often do bridges collapse?

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                  And how often do bridges collapse?

                  A bridge collapsed on a major roadway about 2 km from my house last winter. This is the US though, not Scotland, so.