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    Revert to Mesa 13.0.6

    Meanwhile FreeBSD is updating to 17.2.0 and enabling Vulkan ;-) I managed to run Dolphin Emulator on Vulkan!

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      What’s the quality of the Octeons in terms of hardware? And of OpenBSD support for them and their accelerators? I thought the specs looked nice PCI-card-based, security appliances. Esp embedded link-level encryptors, monitoring for potentially-infected hosts, and so on.

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        The main target, the edgerouter, is pretty wimpy, but good enough for basic home networks. (Does anybody still use the soho acronym?) They tend to ship with crappy flash which wears out quickly (mostly due to heat I think), but it’s easy to replace since it’s literally just a USB stick plugged into a port on the main board.

        In the end, it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it over a PC engines APU, except it comes preassembled, and I can buy it with one click from Amazon.

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          Mine fried a couple of USB sticks, and would not even detect some others, until I started using ‘usb reset’ in the bootcmd.

          I have updated instructions inside the INSTALL.octeon file acccordingly in -current.

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            I bought an Octeon, returned it, and bought an APU2c4 instead. I was building an IPsec gateway and it just didn’t feel up to the task when compared to the PC Engines units.

            I still think it’s neat that you can run OpenBSD on it.

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              Thanks for the review.