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    I’d like to apologize for the rude question, but why not just use the command line all the time?

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      Two examples: navigating logs to look at a lot of commit diffs, and doing partial commits (add -p) to straighten out the history. Both a lot easier with a GUI like gitx or even an editor-based UI like magit.

      For basic add-commit-pull-rebase-push, though, sure.

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        For git add -p, there’s a very nice TUI interface called crecord (adapted from mercurial) that you might like: https://github.com/andrewshadura/git-crecord

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          navigating logs to look at a lot of commit diffs

          This has to be the only thing I haven’t mastered to do comfortably yet with cli. On emergencies I resort to gitk.

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            I often use tig for this on the cli, but as I don’t know too many commands, I sometimes fall back to gitg.

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        I should never have read this - just when I thought my hatred of git couldn’t get deeper, it’s now reached the fires of a 1,000 suns…