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    I propose that MVC is so ambiguous that it effectively means nothing. People always struggle to say what semantics should actually be in each letter but almost always reality strikes and the lines have to be blurred. Or at least, that has been my experience (which is admittedly not much).

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      In all the web applications I have built, the MVC or pattern applied has more to do with organizing code to allow the application to be developed quickly, or grow properly. In some companies that means allowing one person on the team to do the DB layer, and another to implement message handling, validations, business implementations or any other libraries needed to make the application work. Similarly, when the application needs to change to handle future requirements, you don’t want to be ripping out large chunks of the application to handle that.

      You are completely correct that reality strikes for many people, however folks who have built enough applications to know what to watch for seem to have better ways to handle reality. To them, the lines are clear and can be defined even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at first blush.

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      Can I trust an article that uses those fonts? I kid! :)