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    Alright, I’ve gotten “optimal” solutions for all of them except 6, 10, 13, and 14. Ended up coming up with the same solution for 6 and 14, so clearly I need to golf those more…

    • 6: 32 characters (22 is current best)
    • 10: 30 characters (27 is current best)
    • 13: 13 characters (11 is current best)
    • 14: 32 characters (18 is current best)

    Did any lobsters manage to optimize all of them, or beat the “absolute best”? :-)

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      A quick Google search brought up All answers to returntrue.win with explanations.

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      I wish there was a way to see the current best solution, or at least some of the not-best-but-still-correct solutions

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        I might have solved a level with JavaScript before I realized this is PHP… 🤦‍

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          I got to level 4 and then headed back here to read comments. Only after yours I realized it wasn’t JavaScript.

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          Fun idea. I knew #15 but 10-12 of the questions require pretty serious PHP knowledge.

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            As the security tag implies this is excellent practice for people who want to get into the Web category of CTFs. Unfortunately CTF skills don’t 100% translate to real-world penetration testing (I know many very successful security engineers/analysts who struggle with CTFs), but they’re definitely fun!